Bookings and Seat Reservation


You have two options to book a tour

1.) Call us (+49 173704 7794)

2.) write us an email (

If you want to place a seat reservation free of charge, please book as soon as possible as there is a limit of seats in the front row.

Note: All tours must be booked latest 48 hours before the tour starts!

Family notice: If you are travelling with small children please inform us if you need a child´s seat (free of charge).

People with special needs: Please inform us about anything that matters to you before going on tour with us.


How to place a booking

If you want to book a tour with BLT we need the following information by phone or email from you:

First Name, Last Name

Number of participants

Children yes or no, Child´s seat

Special needs

Name of Tour

Name and address of hotel/accommodation

contact telephone number or email address.



 We accept Euro (€) or US-Dollar (€). All payments will be made in cash or through cash transfer.


                       Note: If you want to transfer money you have to mention the name of the day tour.


Call: +49 173 704 7794


Allgäu GmbH

TEL: +49 173 704 7794


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