General Information

Enjoy Bavaria in Luxury and Travel on our private day tours! All our day tours are designed for all ages with private pick up and drop off at your hotel/accommodation. Families with small children are welcome. Before you book a tour, here is some general information.

Travelling inside the EU

EU citizens travelling inside the EU are advised to take an ID-Card or passport on the daytour. All other nationalities are advised to bring their passports on the daytour.

Language of contract and general information

All contracts and agreements are only valid in German language and are based on German law. All general information is based on German law §§ 651a ff. BGB and the articels 250 and 252 of the EGBGB

Bookings and seat reservation

You have two options to book a tour.

1.) Call us (+49 173704 7794) or

2.) write us an email (

If you want to place a seat reservation free of charge, please book as soon as possible as there is a limit of seats in the front row.

Note: All tours must be booked 48 hours before the tour starts!

Family notice: If you are travelling with small children please inform us if you need a child´s seat (free of charge).

People with special needs: Please inform us about anything that matters to you before going on tour with us.


How to place a booking

If you want to book a tour with BLT we need the following information by phone or email from you:

First Name, Last Name

Number of participants

Children yes or no, Child´s seat

Special needs

Name of Tour

Name and address of hotel/accommodation

sandwich yes or no

contact telephone number or email address.



We accept Euro (€) and US-Dollar ($). All payments will be made in cash or through cash transfer.

Note: If you want to transfer money you have to mention the name of the day tour.


Pick Up and Dropp Off


All individual Pick up and Drop off points (Hotels/Accomodation) are in the area of Kempten, Füssen and Memmingen.


Being Late or "No show"

If a guest is late, BLT will wait up to a maximum of 20 minutes. If the guest wont show up, BLT will take off and considers this as a "No Show". If BLT has to shorten or cancel a visit caused through a delay by a guest, there will be no refund. Suitable alternatives will be given.

Office Hours and Operating Days Office Hours


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9-16

Tuesday and Thursday: 9-18

Operating Days: Mo-Sa

Sunday: No service



All prices are given in Euro (€).

Children under 12 years travel for 80€

Children under 4 years travel free

Discounts for seniors and people with special needs are only given at Neuschwanstein Castle, Schloss Linderhof and at the visit of Cambodunum.


Price Change

All prices found online and on print outs match the actual pricing of our tours. As a tour company we are bounded to stick to our pricing. If there is a change of price, we inform our passengers before the booking is fully done.

Note: A change of price per day tour will be a matter if a tour is requested on VIP base for only one or two passengers.



Closed Sites


If one or more sites are closed on the day of the tour, we will do our best to find a suitable alternative. No refunds are given. Refunds are only given if BLT will cancel the tour.


Minimum number of participants

All our day tours have minimum number of 4 passengers. The maximum capacity is up to 8 passengers per day tour. If the minimum number of 4 passengers is not reached, BLT will inform about further options. A VIP tour with only one or two passengers can be organised on request only. Please note the possible „price change“.

Please find more info about the number of participants and distance control here


Insolvency protection


Based on the legal regulations from 01.07.2018 §§ 651a ff. BGB it is officially mentioned that when a day tour doesn´t exceed 24 hours, doesn´t include an overnight stay and wont top 500 Euro (€) per day tour, there is no need for insolvency protection given in form of a cetificate of insurance by the tour company to passengers.

Gesetzliche Bestimmung ab dem 01.07.2018 §§ 651a ff. BGB: Dauert die Reise nicht länger als 24 Stunden, schließt sie keine Übernachtung ein und übersteigt der Reisepreis 500 Euro (€) nicht, so darf der komplette Reisepreis auch ohne Aushändigung eines Sicherungsscheines (Insolvenzschutz) verlangt werden. Alle unsere Reiseangebote enthalten keine Insolvenzschutzversicherung zur Absicherung der Kundengelder und keine Reiserücktrittskostenversicherung.



All passengers travelling with BLT have a passenger insurance while travelling by car. The car is fully insured. BLT also has a liability insurance covering any kind of damage.


Damage and Trashing

For any kind of damage (car, guides belongings or sites we visit) you need to pay upfront and recieve a compensation from your personal liability insurance. Smoking and trashing are prohibited. In case of trashing and smoking in the car a cleaning fee will be charged.



For our day tours we use two kinds of van/car.  A 7-seater minivan or a 9-seater minivan depending on the number of passengers. If there is a VIP request for only one or two passengers, a private car can be organised on request only! The organisation, brand and kind of car is up to BLT only.


Half Day and Full Day Tours

You find all our tours when you visit:


Your Driver/Your Guide

Dennis is a fully licensed driver/guide for passenger transport (regular motor cars §42, 43 Personenbeförderungsgesetzes/Passenger Transportation Act) as well as professional passenger transport, tours, day tours and general tourism (§ 48 Personenbeförderungsgesetz/Passenger Transportation Act). His driving skills are based on a decade driving tourists worldwide in general traffic and off road tours. As a professional driver he is responsible for your safety and will drive you with care on your private day tour. For this, he is able through a safety training. The driver knows about driving time and rest periods by the offical regulations. However, our day tours wont exceed the offical and regular driving hours per day tour.

Dennis is a fully licensed tour guide by Travel To Life ( for world wide tours, expedition leading, city guiding, day tours, outdoor- and survival tours. He is a trainer for tour guides in Germany, Spain and Ireland, too. He also is the author of the well known travel guide book „Alaska – Zentral- und Süd-Alaska“ published by in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Work experience:

2011-2012 Program Manager/Program Director for Viking River Cruises (, CA, USA:

2012 until today: Tour Guide in Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard (Norway), Greenland, Alaska and Russia.

2016 until today: Trainer for Tour Guides and Hiking Guides in Germany, Spain and Ireland for Travel To Life (

Due to his long years in the buisness he provides you with detail information you will get nowhere else. He tells you all the secrets, myths, history, stories and gives you an insight look into the deep culture of Bavaria. Learn, See and feel the daily life of the locals from a local!


Products and Sustainability

Our Sandwich

Due to the actual Covid-19 situation we can´t offer our legendary sandwich on our day tours.


A bottle of water

On our day tours you will get a free bottle of water (0,5L, sparkling or still). The source of the water lies in the mountains of the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park only 22 Miles away from our headoffice. The water itself is produced locally and sold to local beverage stores. The next beverage store is 0,5 Miles away from our headoffice. Close, easy and local.